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Our Mission 

Via KULU Treks' thru-hiking experiences, join us as we explore the beauty of nature, learn about Native and local communities & their history and culture, and inspire the viewers to explore the natural world on heir own - whether it be in their own backyard or in one of America's National Parks or Trails.

KULU Treks will not only raise awareness but also much needed funds for non-profit organizations that align with our mission.

The Continental Divide Trail


What is the Continental Divide? 

The idea of a trail through the West’s most scenic, rugged, diverse, and historic landscapes won the approval of Congress in 1978 when it was officially designated as a National Scenic Trail.

The vision for the Continental Divide Trail is to create a 3,100-mile trail for all people on or near the Continental Divide—the backbone of America—to allow people to experience the scenic beauty of the Rocky Mountains and to conserve the nationally significant scenic, historic, natural, and cultural qualities critical to the trail’s experience.


The Docuseries

This five part docuseries, shot in 4k, delves into the history, culture & stories of Native people, artists, and the natural wonders along the Continental Divide Trail.


 Join our married hikers Richard and Kelsey, as they tell their story of the CDT by sharing its beauty, secrets, and dangers.


They interview the Native people and locals living in and around these areas, to learn about their history, culture, stories and even a few recipes. The docuseries HIKING THE DIVIDE  will raise awareness and support audience engagement with a 'call to action' at the end of each episode.

The Podcast

RMM & Teresa.JPG

Stories and conversations are how we learn best. In addition to the stunning visuals of the documentary, we will bring fun and fascinating conversations with those who know the trail and its history best.

From interviews with artists, community leaders and celebrities who are either part of the CDT story or inspired by it - to conversations about the trail, the land, nature conservancy, Native people and gateway communities that we passed through on this journey -- we discuss it all to more deeply understand, approach solutions and inspire others to go outside and experience nature firsthand! 

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